This website is something between my personal blog and a pseudo-cv, you can find bits of code and various musings on tech related subjects here, as well as work related information.

Who Am I

I was born in High Wycombe, England where I spent a fairly uneventful youth growing up. I began bedroom coding in my early teens, communicating with like minded people on niche modding and fan-game development sites. There are more than a few Zelda fan-games or Deus Ex mods in the depths of the internet that contain my mark on them.

I gained qualifications from a nearby college, allowing me to start a BsC degree in Computer Games Programmer at Derby University.

SN Systems

During my BsC degree I worked with Sony for a year at their SN Systems subsidiary working on the Vita, PS3 and pre-release PS4 toolchains, as well as helping with various devops projects.

Climax Studios

I graduated in 2014 and after a short job search I accepted a position at Climax Studios in Portsmouth, England - one of the oldest (then independent) game studios in the UK.

I’ve remained at Climax since then, working through 3 generations of consoles and enumerable interesting projects, eventually ending up in the position of Technical Lead.

Outside Interests

Outside of work I’m an avid IPSC shooter in primarily Shotgun and Rifle disciplines.

I tend to also spend a lot of my time tinkering with tech, doing things from 3d printing and solding together home automation gadgets, to starting my 100th unfinished software project.