This is a filtered list of various projects I’ve worked on during both my professional and non-professional time, I’ve omitted some which are either not-disclosable, cancelled, or generally not interesting enough to post here. These projects have spanned everything from Consoles/Mobile/AR/VR on a variety of platforms.

Work Projects

Mystery Project

Mystery Banner The current project I’m working on is a currently unannounced entry in a well known AAA franchise targeting current-gen consoles. I’m working on this project in the capacity of a Tech Lead.


Returnal Banner Climax worked directly with Housemarque and XDEV on Returnal as co-dev partners for the last 2+ years of its development. We helped a wide range of areas; 3 of the 6 biomes, various enemies, online functionality and optimization were some of our main responsibilities. I worked on this project in the capacity of a Tech Lead.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown3 Banner Climax worked on Crackdown 3 as co-dev partners. We helped design and implement some of the boss fights and enemy encounters, as well as help with optimization. I worked on this project in the capacity of a Senior Programmer.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles

ACC Banner Ubisoft contracted climax to product 3 spin off games from the Assassin’s Creed franchise - China, India and Russia. I worked primarily on engine/online work to support for the 4 platforms (PS3/360/XBONE/PS4) it was originally targetted to be released on. I also helped extensively with the initial port and optimization work for the Vita version of the game.


Resogun Banner Climax was contracted by XDEV to produce back-ports of the PS4 release game Resogun, for both PS3 and Vita. This was a very technically challenging project as the game took advantage of many technical features not available on the target platforms. We managed to produce very competent releases in the end that held solid frame rates and looked very similar to the original PS4 game.

Dead Nation

Dead Nation Banner Climax was contracted by XDEV to produce ports of Dead Nation as a PS4 launch title and for the Vita. As with resogun we managed to produce very competent releases, with solid frames rates and near identical looks to the original PS3 game. The PS4 even got some fancy new (at the time) rendering techniques added.

Shadow of the Beast

Shadow of the Beast Banner We were brought in by XDEV to give additional resources to the original team and help get it over the finish line. We helped on everything from level design, gameplay implementation to optimization. I worked on this project in the capacity of a Lead Programmer.

Surf World Series

Surf World Series Banner Climax was contracted by an outside company to produce Surf World Series on all the current platforms (PC/XBO/PS4). It was a passion project by the owner of the contracting company, who wanted to see a modern-day sequel to games like Transworld Surf and Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer. This was a short project, lasting about a year and a half. I worked as a generalist on this project, touching graphics, optimization, gameplay and more.

Paint 3D

Paint 3D Banner A very unusual project for a game-development studio. We were asked by Microsoft to help Lift London to get the project out the door. We were mainly focused on game-development adjacent functionality - gpu voxel rendering, geometry manipulation and various bits of UI work. I worked on this project in the capacity of a Lead Programmer.

Personal Projects

Dark Souls 3 Open Server

DS3OS Banner DS3OS is an open-source re-implementation of the Dark Souls 3 matching server. It was originally created out of curiosity, but has slowly grown to a fully feature complete project used by everyone from modders to people who just want to avoid cheaters. I’m hoping this project can help preserve support for online gameplay at whatever time From Software decides to retire the original servers.

GitHub Link

Zombie Grinder

Zombie Grinder Banner Zombie Grinder was a game I created with an artist called Jordan Chewning a little under a decade and a half ago. It was my first try at writing a fully-featured online game from the ground up, engine and all, in C++. It was released on steam several years ago. Unfortunately development ended up fizzling out on this due to various production issues.

GitHub Link